• WaterJet Machines

    - Working area: 

      X-axis: 3000 mm 
      Y-axis: 2000 mm
      Z-axis: 200 mm

      Length : app. 4100 mm
      Width: app. 2770 mm
      Height: app. 2850 mm

    - Weight without water : ca. 3500 kg

    - Max. weight of work piece : app. 600 kg/m²

  • High Pressure Components

    • 420 MPa design pressure380 MPa max. continuous working pressure
    • 3.8 l/min max. flow rate
    • 37 kW power consumption
    • Hydraulic drive with axial piston pump and hydraulic
    • Pressure/flow controller
    • Pressure adjustment via proportional valve

  • Abrasive Cutting Head

    Suitable to be connected at BHDT waterjet valve

  • Abrasive Dosing Unit

    • Infinitely variable adjustment of the abrasive flow rate 0 – 1000 g/min.
    • The abrasive feed rate is available as a computer controlled construction via Cutting Software
    • Vacuum sensor to stop abrasive when nozzle is clogged
    • Back splash plate for prevention of abrasive wetness
    • Digital readout and control for manual over ride
    • Dual level sensors for closed loop feedback

  • Abrasive Container

    • 250 kg capacity (with garnet sand) Dosing Head 
    • For continuous dosing of abrasives via external control (CNC) 
    • 0 - 800 g/min dosing rate
    • 0.15 kW power consumption

  • Pressure Feeding System

    •       For pressurized feeding of the abrasives from abrasive medium container to dosing head

       - 24 V supply voltage

       - 0.3 - 0.6 MPa required pneumatic pressure

    •       Pneumatic cylinder with sealing cone

            - 5/2-way pneumatic valve                                

       - 3/2-way pneumatic valve

    •       Transparent mini hopper with slide lock connection for abrasive container

    •       Level sensors for minimum and maximum level

    •       Control box to be mounted at the frame of the abrasive container

    •       Pressurized feeding system for abrasives automatically controlled via PLC and sensors

    •       1.5 m control line for sensors

    •       Quick changing system for abrasive pressure hose

    •       Abrasive pressure hose O.D. 8 mm, length 10 m

  • PC Machine CNC Control


    PC Machine CNC control with the following features


    · CNC with, CPU Celeron m 1.5 GHz, 1GB ram

    · 6 USB 2.0 + 2 Ethernet 10/100/1000

    · Digital wire to drive

    · 4 drive digital 400v three-phase 6/12 ampere

    · 4 motors with absolute encoder

    · Industrial PC Nice3100E-370, CPU 1.5GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDU

    · Operator panel Win media monitor 15” TFT touch screen

    · Keyboard con touch pad, console operator

    · Windows XP embedded


    TurboNest Software

    TurboNest is a best in class CAD/CAM nesting software for intermediate level mechanized cutting. It provides a single solution for conventional plasma and oxyfuel cutting. It is specifically designed to help fabricators and manufacturers increase material savings, boost productivity, lower operating costs, and improve part quality.




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